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Debate and commentary on the posts continues to grow, and continues to be a good balance of informed and impassioned.  There was even a comment from someone purporting to be a CPS spokesperson. 

Lots of people -- including someone claiming to be CPS spokesperson Peter Cunningham -- are having lots to say about my post "Has The Reorg Hurt Momentum?" and also about the 2nd stage of the reorg that was announced on Wednesday, and about Ren10 accomplishments. My favorite among many is this one: 

what I hear, the top central office people have
been campaigning to keep their jobs, middle level management is sure
they are all going to get fired, and everyone is worried about pay
cuts. BCG keeps putting out these half completed boxes that seem to
even more speculation and concern. Key areas like NCLB, Language and
Culture, and Curriculum and Instruction are not even being included."

Meanwhile, even as the Jose Torres mystery has been solved (except we don't know what area he's going to run), a new mystery --
the Kearney plan -- has emerged.  What is the Kearney plan, and what
does it have to do with the reorg?  And did Eastwood really quit?  Why
and where's he going?

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