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Even if you don't pay attention to bylines, you may still remember Tribune education reporter Stephanie Banchero's amazing 2004 series about a little girl named Rayola whose mother took her out of a predominantly minority, low-performing school and sent her across town to a whiter, better-performing school.  It's a masterful mix of up-close observation and in-depth policy analysis that I recommend to all. Now she's got another story coming out.

This Sunday in the Trib Magazine, Banchero tells what sounds like
another pretty amazing story of a family that faces perhaps even more
serious challenges, both academic and social.  In the piece, Banchero
follows this struggling family for over two years, in school and out,
and watches as they participate in an intensive intervention called
System of Care Chicago that blankets the family in social services and
helps them navigate the bureaucratic maze.

Check it out to find out how
the story turns out -- and how Chicago's system of social services
really works. I'm guessing it will be worth your time.

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