Things That CPS Says It's Going To Do -- But Doesn't

Year after year, it seems, CPS communications folks say they're going to put me on all their media lists so that I can get press releases and know when events are taking place --and then forget to send me things like the advance and press release on Arne Duncan's City Club speech today. 

But then again, year after year, including this year, CPS says that it's going to have to cut education spending big time -- and then doesn't.

The papers dutifully outline what might happen:  Budget crisis threatens school jobs Sun Times, City schools plan deep cuts Tribune. 

You can also see what CPS has to say on its own" Download cps_budget_release.doc.

Maybe there's some larger virtue to things not happening the way
folks at the Board say they're going to.  I certainly hope that's the
case with the funding cuts -- and so do they.  If they trumpet their
needs early and often enough, and highlight the drastic things that
might happen, then the state and the city take care of them better. 

But still, much as I love all my friends in communications, I wish that they'd say that I was going to get the same info and advance as everyone else -- and then do it. 

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