They Were Warned - A Year Ago

Kudos and thanks to blog reader Gale who took the time to dig up Board warning resolutions from a year ago that were adopted both principals who were just removed. Here is the full list of April 08 warning resolutions:

08-0423-EX12 Gloria Cortes, Principal, Agustin Lara Academy *Adopted
08-0423-EX13 Deborah Edwards-Clay, Principal, Brian Piccolo Elementary School *Adopted
08-0423-EX14 Clifton Hunt, Principal, Richard J. Oglesby Elementary School *Adopted
08-0423-EX15 Patricia Markstone, Tenured Teacher, Gresham Elementary School *Adopted
08-0423-EX16 Marie Miles, Principal, Chicago Vocational Career Academy *Adopted
08-0423-EX17 Susan Weston, Tenured Teacher, Coles Model for Excellence School *Adopted
08-0423-EX18 Darreyl Young-Gibson, Principal, Percy Julian High School

Thanks, Gale! Here's the link to the Board report. Unfortunately, the principal at her school is not on the list. However, I do wonder what's happened to the rest (and to the other warnings that are adopted each month).

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