The Week In Review (September 11-18)

Want to catch up, fast?  Here are some of the posts that got the most reads (and comments) from the past week:

Week 2 Open Thread: How's It Going So Far?
In which readers sound off on assessments, class size, and other Week 2 happenings.

The Sherman Experiment, Part II (Hansen Speaks!)
Phil weighs on on how Sherman differs.  Readers differ.

Dance Of The Lemons In CPS?
Seniority still plays a role in classroom assignments, despite the end to bumping.

Plum Job Of The Week Year?: Principal At North Side College Prep
No one wants this job since the current guy is so good, I guess.

Beating A Dead Lottery Horse
Blago just won't let it go.

Will Washington Call (Again?) For Vallas?
Several dominoes would have to fall just right, but it could happen.

How After School Matters Meshes With CPS
It's not just Maggie's vanity project anymore.

NCLB Flip-Flop

Now Duncan likes NCLB, apparently.

Charter Schools "Darth Vader" Comes To Chicago

Ohio's David Brennan is coming to Chicago.  Think of him as the anti-Richmond.

This Week's Big Debates
Readers  weigh in on religious tolerance, school schedules, and  the never-ending Vallas rumors.

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