The Week in Review (Oct. 9 - 15)

Behind on some of this week's Chicago schools news?  Here's a recap of what you may have missed:

Week Six Open Thread: How's It Going?
We're just past the six week mark, and readers report everything from "Things are going REALLY well" to "S.O.S (Save Our School)."

Sorry, We're Going To Need That Money Back
Some miscalculations force the Philadelphia School District to ask for refunds.

"Turnaround" Specialist Washes Out In Virginia
Principals try to improve poor-performing schools but miss the mark -- will they do any better here?

Where'd You Get That Degree, Anyway?
Is an online degree any different from a degree from a traditional school?  Not according to the salary schedule.

Want Some Overpriced Wrapping Paper?
'Tis the season for "gourmet popcorn or coupon books for discounted meals at restaurants you never frequent."

Other important news stories:
Principal who pushed reform fired Tribune
Stewart urges end to 'costly charter experiment' Daily Southtown
CPS college grad rate revised Sun-Times
Junk Food Ban Met With Resentment WBEZ
$25,000 award to city teacher Sun-Times
Blagojevich Education Record
Status in Chicago Tribune

As always, you can always look to our weekly roundup of local education blogs and daily morning news posts for more Chicago schools buzz.

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