The Week In Review (Oct. 30 - Nov. 5)

LSC Fingerprinting, Changes at Moses Vines, Professional Development and CPS crime have sparked fierce debates this week. Here are some highlights from readers' responses:

Fingerprinting LSC Members - New Or Normal?
" bet I'm upset that I'm supposed to provide some bureaucracy with my fingerprints because I go to monthly evening meetings and work on proposals and strategic plans at home."

Schmidt Speaks: Crime & Violence In CPS
"If more cops, cameras, lock-downs, metal detectors, etc... made for more security, prisons would be the safest places around. Are they?"

A New LSC, A New Principal, And New Hope For Moses Vines?
"The mayor goes to Orr HS every year and sees NO progress and the next day tells the press how Ren-10 is saving the city. Total dishonesty."

Question Of The Week: Got Any Good Professional Development Lately?
"For the CPS National Board Program, I meet weekly with a cohort of highschool teachers and a Mentor in Science ... No outside 'experts' just fellow teachers sharing our classroom experiences and getting insights and ideas from each other."

Merit pay made big headlines in Chicago this week.
The Trib has the nitty gritty facts about Chicago's grant and how Denver public schools have used merit pay. Sun-Times ed reporter Rosalind Rossi has comments from the American Federation of Teachers, and for Mayor Daley and Arne Duncan's take on this "amazing" opportunity, check out Fran Speilman's Sun-Times article.

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