The Week in Review (Oct. 2 - 9)

Behind on the week's hot topics?  Check out these posts to see what the big news has been, and what's got our readers talking:

Big Loss For Education: Senator del Valle Leaves Legislature To Join City Hall
Hard to see how this one is anything but bad news.

Delays, Delays, Delays: Pearson Set to Clean Up The Mess
Finally, ISBE moves on the Harcourt hellishness.

CTU Sues ISBE Over Virtual School
Readers weigh in on CPS's newest charter school and Marilyn and Co.'s latest move.

How Unanimous Are Board Votes? Count 'Em Up.
Readers debate whether the board's unanimous ways are a problem or not.

McGreal For President? (Union President, That Is)
With union elections in sight, another possible Stewart-opponent emerges.

School Security Back in the Spotlight
Security in CPS ... the never ending debate.

CPS Touted In District Administration
"Good" press for Duncan draws criticism.

For more Chicago schools news, take a look at our daily morning news posts and our weekly blog roundup.

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