The Week In Review (November 19-25)

Where's The Action Going On At?

I'm trying out this new map to see if it's useful. 23 comments

"Save Our Failing Teachers"

No, it's not the new motto from the CTU. 10 comments

Clinton & Obama Heat Up On Education

"It's pretty popular to bash No Child Left Behind out on the campaign trail, but when it was being debated in Congress four years ago, my colleague Dick Durbin offered a chance to vote so that the law couldn't be enforced unless it was fully funded," Obama said. "A lot of senators, including Senator Edwards and Senator Clinton, passed on that chance." 2 comments

High Accommodation Rates Undercut NYC Scores

Hidden in last week's release of the urban NAEP results that showed how 11 big cities (but not Philly) are really doing was some small print about how different the cities' accommodation rates were.

"I'm Pregnant"

"It happens too often," writes Will Okun in his latest post about teaching on Chicago's West Side (here). "A female student approaches my desk, says "Mr. Okun?," and and whispers the two words no adult wants to hear from a teenager: "I'm pregnant." 13 comments

Checking Out "The Intercomm"

I should probably check out the CPS "Intercomm" more often, since it sometimes includes interesting items about what's going on around CPS. 3 comments

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