The Week In Review (May 27-30)

More From Catalyst On ACT Test Prep

Some additional insight and information from Catalyst about ACT test

prep, which the Consortium recently reported was not working:

Post-Partisan Chicago? Hardly.

Anyone familiar with CPS will likely scoff at the notion that Chicago

is somehow "post-partisan" in recent years, though admittedly much of

the infighting and influence peddling has gone below ground.

Friends Of Obama 2 comments

Everyone I talk to seems to have their story of when they first met

Barack Obama -- usually it was a long time ago before he was known.

Catalyst To Stop Printing Monthly Magazine 12 comments

In an email earlier today, Catalyst announced that next year it will be

replacing the print monthly newsmagazine it has long produced with more

frequent web content and five in-depth reports.

May Board Meeting News [Updated] 17 comments

Rescheduled for next week so that Duncan and Williams can go to Springfield.

Obama School Event In Colorado 10 comments

At the Wednesday event, Obama regurgitated the (inaccurate) slam that NCLB relies on a "a single,

high-stakes test," according to this report

Testing Alla Time 11 comments

But it seems like a lot of testing. (And I like testing.)

Early Childhood Event June 5 5 comments

Taking Action for Children: Early Interventions to Prevent Abuse and Prepare for School Success,”

cosponsored by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago and the Urban

Institute, will be held on Thursday, June 5, 9-10:30 a.m., at the

Chicago Cultural Center.

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