The Week In Review June 26-July 3

Board Passes Disputed Budget 
Will the cuts stand up if CPS gets taken to court over them?  At least some folks don't think so.

Officials to track Renaissance 2010's effect
Public pressure gets some scrutiny over the impact of Ren10 on displaced kids.

PLUS:  Ren10 Crisis, Says Klonsky
Two of the eight principals removed for performance are from small schools.

Bill Gates Gets Schooled
A great overview of where Gates has worked and failed.

Stumbling To The Finish Line
My take on school year 0506 in CPS, first featured in the Beachwood Reporter.

PLUS: What's The Best And Worst Thing They've Done?
Readers weigh in on the best and worst of Duncan/Scott/Watkins.

Who Would Want To Come To Chicago?
Candidates lining up in Boston made me wonder who'd want the CPS job.

PLUS:  Local Reading Expert Shanahan Gets Nominated For National Institute
Remember the UIC guy who designed the reading initiative and then got pushed out?

ISBE Doesn't Check For Cheating
Neither do most states -- until they have a cheating scandal.

Anyone's An Administrator In CPS Now
At least some readers think this is a big boondoggle.

Could school be out for Paul Vallas?
Our man Paul has some enemies on his board.

PLUS: Lawmakers back Vallas' renewal
But it's not clear they can oust the big guy.

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