The Week In Review July 17-24

Thanks again to everyone for reading and for commenting (constructively and humorously).  Here are some of the most notable (and most commented) posts:

Lottery Loser (8 comments)
Assuming the lottery sale never happens, what did Meeks accomplish?

From The Old Town School To CPS (5 comments)
A new arts education at CPS -- what does it mean?

The Color Of Clout (8 comments)
Mary Mitchell prompts a discussion about who's in and who's not.

What's Going On At Brooks? (22 comments)
Brooks gets a new principal -- but is it the right one?

Is ISAT Criticism Racist? (8 comments)
Some raise questions about reactions to the ISAT improvements.

PLUS:  Sun-Times Calls Out 'Suspect' ISAT Scores (11 comments)

South Loop: Everyone's Favorite School? (21 comments)
Looking for a neighborhood school everyone agrees on admiring.

PLUS:  Best School Websites (7 comments)

More On Virtual Schooling
A big target for criticsm this week -- not just from CTU.

What About School-Specific Comments? (17 comments)
Would this site be better with them, or without?

PLUS:  Blogs That Dig Up The Dirt

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