The Week In Review (Aug. 28- Sept. 5)

Tutor Mentor Connection Blog
If you don't know Dan Bassill, you should. Now that he has a blog, you will.

Longwood Charter Parent Considers Ray, Black, and Lenhart. What Should She Do?

This one, pitting charters against district schools, gets a lot of reader comments (19).

Gage Park Rally This Afternoon
They're not reinstating Marty, but the Gage Park story certainly hangs over the start of school.

Another New Blog -- This One From PACT
Will the PACT blog cover new ground and provide a teachers' perspective like its AFT relatives?

New CPS Teacher Blog
The Chicagoist site really liked Teacher X's blog, but this site's readers aren't so sure.

Charters Vs. District Schools...Right Before School Starts
What a strange time to put out a charter/district comparison.  Again, lots of comments.

SAT Scores Are In...
But only 8 percent of Illinois students take the damn thing.

What Would Marty Do?
And did he do the right thing?

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