The Week Before Spring Break

One week until Spring Break for CPS students, teachers, and parents. What do you have to get done before next Friday (a half day, BTW) the 29th, and what are you going to do during the break (which lasts until the 9th of April and is just a week before the end of the marking period)?

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  • Actually the half day is Thursday, March 29th. One can only wonder what attendance will be like on that day or that Friday for that matter. I know my students need to wrap up a mock trial by then. I would really like to have every scrap of paperwork off my desk by Spring Break, but it's unlikely. However, I will be really greatful to see all the National Board Candidate I'm mentoring get their portfolios in the mail. If anyone deserves a week off, they do. My focus will be on remodelling in anticipation of our first child.

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