The Underutilization List -- Are You On It?

In three parts, here's the final space utilization report that CPS has used to develop the consolidation plan, thanks to the good folks at CPS (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

I couldn't make much of it beyond the fact that here for the first time was the list of schools that are underutilized, which until now we'd never seen (besides the 19 from last week).

Otherwise, the part that jumped out in section one was the whole ANR thing: "It is the viewpoint of School Demographics that such schools’ “avoidable” overcrowding status should not be confused with the generally “unavoidable” overcrowding conditions that affect schools where the percentage of ANR students is relatively low."

Are there lots of ANR overcrowded schools? I don't know. Are the final numbers for overcrowded schools in this report the same as they were in December? Again, I don't know.

Check it out -- your school might be on the list -- and let me know what you see.

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