The Soto Bill Has No Chance (Right?)

Here's a description of the contents and timeline for deliberation of the Soto bill from Don Moore, Designs For Change:

"Representative Cynthia Soto

(4th Legislative District) recently introduced a major state

legislation- House Bill 363. The proposed law would (1) place

a one-year moratorium on school closings, turnarounds, phaseouts, and

consolidations; (2) establish a Joint School Facilities Subcommittee

consisting of 3 members from both the State House and State Senate Education

Committees; and (3) institute an equitable process for school openings,

closings, repairs, turnarounds, phaseouts, and consolidations with wide

community involvement, which would be in effect once the moratorium


For more ideas and events related to Soto's legislation, click below.

It's up for some sort of a vote tomorrow. I'm not sure it has anything

of a chance -- my sense is not -- but perhaps it leads to some sort of

slowdown or reconsideration next week?

From Moore:

The Illinois House

Elementary and Secondary Education Committee will vote on House Bill

363 at 8am on Thursday, February 19th. Lobby the committee members

in Springfield this Wednesday, Feb. 18. If you need more information

OR WANT TO GO TO SPRINGFIELD, call Don Moore of Designs for Change at

312-236-7252 (ext. 236) or e-mail him at

The House Committee

Members must get hundreds of calls telling them to support House Bill

363. Attached is a list of the Committee Members, along with their

local office and Springfield phone numbers. Call them at their home

offices on Tuesday and at their Springfield offices on Wednesday.

Attached are a few key “talking points” to keep in mind as you contact

committee members.

Call your House

representative and ask them to support House Bill 363. If you do not

know who your representative is, go to Enter your address to see all

of your elected officials.

CTU is organizing

“visits” to area offices and is sending targeted e-mails to their

members with information about contacting their representatives.

Representative Soto

has identified the following 5 key people to target. Contact these

senators and representatives and ask for their support of House Bill

363: Senator John Cullerton,

President of the Senate. Hamilton, which is in his district, is

slated to close. Call 773-883-0770 (Chicago) or 217-782-2728 (Springfield). Senator James Meeks,

Chair of Senate Education Committee. Call 708-862-4745 (Chicago)

or 217-782-8066 (Springfield). State Representative

Michael Madigan, Speaker of the House. Call 773-581-8000 (Chicago)

or 217-782-5350 (Springfield). State Representative

Barbara Flynn Currie, House Majority Leader. South Chicago, which

is in her district, is slated to close. Call 773-677-0550 (Chicago)

or 217-782-8121 (Springfield). State Representative

Harry Osterman, Member of the House Elementary and Secondary Education

Committee. Call 773-784-2002 (Chicago) or 217-782-8088 (Springfield).

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