The Rush For The Suburbs

SirvaadIn case you can't read this ad from Newsweek sent in by a friend, it goes "Kid didn't get into a private school in the city?  We can sell your condo and get you to the 'burbs before the bell rings."  Pretty audacious.  But that's what a lot of folks are doing right now, at least among those who can.  The company is based in Chicago.

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  • 2:18 can contact me at Access Living While it is possible that you may find a CPS kindergarten classroom similar to a state blended pre-k program. The bigger question is service provision at the primary level once your child leaves kg. Given that you are writing this in June does mean that some options are clearly gone do to CPS time frames for optional programs. While CPS OSS can to some degree force placements out of your home school the number of such sites are limited and there is a great relutance for OSS to do so short of due process.

    Also 2:18 does need to understand that some suburban school districts that are high achieving are not what could be called disability friendly.

  • Kathy B. indicates that some parents have moved accross the Illinois state line into Wisconsin for better special education services. I know this to be true especially for some families living in Lake County. But in general the reason was not only for superior special ed. services as it was for what is coming next after high school.

    Wisconsin offers far better services and supports for adults with significant disabilities as compared to the services offered by the Illinois Department of Human Services divison of vocational rehabilitation. I also have argued one due process case relating to a student with a severe disability in Clark County WI, which is in the center of the state. When it comes to very expensive students even school districts in Wisconsin claim to have empty pockets. By the way some school districts in rural Wisconsin are going broke and property taxes on non-farm property in these areas are rising fast.

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