The Re-Organization Is Coming, The Re-Organization Is Coming

Losing lots of senior staff with no obviousl replacements on hand?  Do a re-org.

Not sure what to do next?  Do a re-org. 

Already done one (remember areas)? 

No matter -- do one again.

Next week or shortly thereafter, Boston Consulting or someone like that is going to present a new reorganization proposal to Arne and Barbara.

There are lots of open spots at the Board -- and more opening up next year.  Armando, Marty, Domingo, et al are already gone.  Pittman is on his way out, and others may soon follow.

What to do?  What to do?

More than a few folks think that the plan will involve getting rid of the curriculum and instruction office and many of the units under it, and creating a new elementary office to go along with the high school one that Alan Alson may or may not show up to run.

If that's the case, there are at least two obvious issues to consider. 

One is that organizational changes rarely have THAT much of an impact on instruction or capacity.  This has been seen and said several time before.  (Did areas make a big difference over regions?  Not that I ever heard.)

The second is that by getting rid of curriculum and instruction at the central office, you're going to end up relying on instructional leaders at schools and in areas who may or may not have much curricular depth.  Running a school or set of schools and knowing literacy or math or science are different things. 

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