The Rationale

The rationale behind creating this site is simple:  There's lots going in in and around the Chicago Public Schools, and there isn't really any single place people can go to keep track of everything that's going on, day to day. 

The Tribune & Sun-Times and all the other papers cover education news, but not the real inside stuff. Catalyst is great, but only comes out nine times a year (plus occasional web updates). This Week In Education (my original blog) is read by lots of CPS folks but doesn't focus exclusively on Chicago issues. Teach and Learn is great, but all that talk about science standards and ramping up makes me sleepy after a while. There are a few other blogs written by teachers, but that's not so interesting to those of us who aren't in a classroom or haven't been in a while.

You get the idea.  What I don't know is whether I'll be able to keep up two sites, whether it will get tiresome to write about just one district day in and day out, or whether folks will find and want to read what I have to say.  We'll see. 

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