"The Partnership" = Blackwater?

The "Partnership For Chicago Schools" sounds pretty ominous, in that bland corporate way, and according to at least one Chicago parent is sending gobs of money to outside firms that should and could be used internally. "I find it frustrating that so much money is being spent in this fashion when schools such as Canty Elementary are overcrowded and can't get a simple building addition...I don't understand why CPS needs to hire consultants to move into its premises and be paid these types of rates, just to manage their capital improvement program. It seems that's one of the basic things an agency oughta be able to do for itself."

This parent FOIAd the Board to get reports showing how much money was going to the Partnership, which is as I understand it housed inside 125 S. Clark Street (along with Halliburton, Blackwater, and all the other folks).

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