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I was surprised to find out recently that many folks didn't know that there are actually two blogs, District 299 (this one) and This Week In Education (, which is about national and federal issues.  I had assumed "everyone" knew.  However, the news gives me the chance to clear things up and to say that there are sometimes good links and commentary over there that isn't related to Chicago directly but still might be interesting. 

Recent examples include a post about the NYT story on student poverty and achievement (PovRacers Vs. SchoolRefs, Revisited), lighthearted coverage of Secty Spellings' appearance on Jeopardy! last week (A Secretary In Jeopardy!), and an update on the membership and priorities of the new Senate education committee (Obama Joins Committee; Top Kennedy Priorities Don't Include NCLB). Check it out.  Sign up for the weekly free email if you want news of both sites.  And thanks!

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