The Myth Of Suburban Schools

This article (Leaving the City for the Schools, and Regretting It) turns up on the NYT "most emailed" list today, and you can guess why:  the article debunks the myth of suburban public schools.  Instead, it appears, some are under-resourced, complacent or inflexible, and just as testing-focused as their urban counterparts if not more.  For eons, it seems, parents have been moving themselves out of cities for a chance at a better public school system -- even as cities have become safer and revitalized.  However, a small but growing number in the NYC area seem to be finding the experience less than adequate, and are -- get this -- enrolling their kids in pricey private schools back in Manhattan even as they're paying all that property tax money into the public system.   Cross-posted from This Week In Education.

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