The Month In Review, According To You

May_2007Rather than having a journalists' roundtable discussing the month that was May, I thought I'd open it up and put the question out to the blog.  What were the biggest (or most significant in the long term) education stories of the month?  What got too much coverage, and what got all but ignored?  Who were the month's winners and losers?  And what to look out for in June?  Take a look back, or scan your memory, and weigh in with your thoughts. 

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  • As you may be aware the CTU has endorsed a change in the special education rules that will no longer establish a full day case load for special edcuation teachers. The new rule will establish a case load on a class period by class period basis.

    The CPS and CTU will enter into the development of a plan that will define the work load for special ed teachers within the district. This plan and the exclusive right of the CTU to help create it is actually written into the proposed rules. Alexander Russo posted the CTU statement on this issue.

    I have sent Alexander Russo a copy of Access Living's letter to JCAR the body which approves administrative rules for the General Assembly. In this letter we object to this deal making between the CTU and ISBE and ask JCAR to again reject these rules. Hopefully Alexander Russo will post our letter for all to read.

  • You can find the ISBE proposed rules on their web site. I posted Access Living's letter below under the discussion on the rules.

  • When a gangbanger kills another gangbanger the one responsible is the one who killed. Not the person who put them in the other gang's neighborhood. It was, after all, the decision of all involved to join gangs and wear gang insignia etc. to let others know that they are members of whichever group of hooligans.

    The students I feel badly for are the ones who aren't members of rival gangs but are mistakenly identified as being members of a rival gangs.

    But ultimately the ones who make the schools unsafe are the gangs themselves. To blame Arne or Daley or anyone else for them is to let the gangbangers off way too easy.

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