The Month Ahead -- CPS's Multiple Calendars

It's almost December, and here are some of the big CPS events coming up that I know about: Arne goes to Boston (this weekend), 5th week progress reports (a week from today), SIP professional development day the day after (woo hoo!). Testing for selective high schools starts on the 15th. Comstat meetings for high school principals continue downtown, but no new construction or school closing announcements in the very near future, I'm told. Applications for selective high schools, magnets, GEAP, etc. are all due on the 21st, which is when winter break begins. Not that you'd know that from the main CPS calendar, of course. Not only is the application process for non-neighborhood schools fairly Byzantine, but you also have to go to three or more different places to find out the deadlines. Sketchy, or at least dumb. What else? Well, we have LSC elections to look forward to in April '08, which means petitions start getting filed pretty soon. Anything else?

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