The Governor Takes The Offensive

Interested in the Gov's education initiatives, which are apparently being heard Wednesday in the Senate?  Check out all the links and information below, courtesy of Andy Wade.

Governor Blagojevich’s Investing in Families Initiative will be heard tomorrow in the Senate.  The education reform and tax fairness proposal (Amendment 1 of the Senate Bill 1) will be heard tomorrow at 1 pm in a joint hearing of the Senate Revenue and Education Committees Wednesday in Room 212 of the State House. Also, legislation on Illinois Covered (Senate Bill 5) will be heard at 3 pm in Room 400.

If you are in Springfield, we ask that you attend the hearings and submit a slip in support of these important proposals. We urge all Illinoisans to make their voices heard by reaching out to their legislators. Phone calls are quickest, but letters and emails work as well.  The message can be a straightforward “Support the  Investing in Families agenda” or you can be more specific – the important thing is that you take action today. You can find your legislators at or by calling 1 800 446-1608.

Recent materials are attached, including a comparison between the Governor’s education plan and the tax swap proposal.


Chairperson :   Kimberly A. Lightford  D      
Vice-Chairperson :      Deanna Demuzio  D      
Member: Jacqueline Y. Collins  D      
Member: William Delgado D      
Member: Susan Garrett  D      
Member: James T. Meeks  D      
Member: A. J. Wilhelmi  D      
Minority Spokesperson : Dan Cronin  R      
Member: J. Bradley Burzynski  R      
Member: David Luechtefeld  R      
Member: John J. Millner R      


Chairperson :   Don Harmon  D      
Vice-Chairperson :      Michael Noland  D      
Member: John J. Cullerton  D      
Member: Kimberly A. Lightford  D      
Member: Jeffrey M. Schoenberg  D      
Member: Terry Link  D      
Minority Spokesperson : Chris Lauzen  R      
Member: Bill Brady  R      
Member: Matt Murphy  R      
Member: Carole Pankau  R      

<<Education Property Tax Relief Program Summary April 07.pdf>> <<Governor's Education plan compared to HB 750.doc>> <<Budget Update April 5 2007.pdf>>

Andrew Wade

Office of Governor Rod R. Blagojevich

(312) 814-3306 (office)

(773) 458-0544 (cellular)

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