The Duncan Discussion Continues

Arne submitted to an interview with Scholastic Administrator just before getting picked for the EdSec spot (It's A Slam Dunk). In

the interview, Duncan generally comes across as hyper-earnest,

describes Obama's mad basketball skills, and -- tidbit! - lists his top

school reform wish. (Left out of the final version was

Duncan's description of how playing basketball on Chicago's South Side

toughened him up even more than his strangely-spelled name.)

Obama Picks a Moderate on Education Wall Street Journal -

The CEO of the Chicago public schools and the ultimate diplomat, Mr. Duncan rises to the rim at a moment when teachers unions are, for the first time, ...

Duncan wrong education choice Atlanta Journal Constitution

However, his track record as the CEO of Chicago Public Schools for the past seven years shows that Duncan is the wrong choice for America’s schools.

CEO of the Classroom, Arne Duncan Gapers Block

He also attacked the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), positioning it as an obstacle to business-led reform. He also insisted that the CTU opposes charter...

Chicago Advocates Fault Arne Duncan NAM


noted that Dodge Academy, where Obama announced his choice of Arne

Duncan, was one of the reformed schools that was closed for a year.

"When it reopened, few of the original kids were there," she said. "It

has 400 kids now. Only 12 of the original kids are there in its second

year of turnout."

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