The "Do-Nothing" Schools Chief

Three months into the Huberman era, there's still not much to say.

Catalyst describes new staff meetings (Huberman's performance SWAT team ) focusing on how tough and efficient they are, but no one can say that anything's changed because of them --no reorganization, major job reassignments, no big shifts in budget allocations.

I don't care what you call them or whether they're pleasant or not. Without tough decisions and concrete changes, weekly sit-downs with hundreds of staffers are just... oversized staff meetings.

In today's AP story (Duncan's successor at CPS faces on the job lessons) Huberman promises big changes at the central office but again he so far hasn't announced anything. Schools moving to Track E was in the works long before Huberman arrived. Hell, we don't even know how they're going to cover their $500 million budget hole yet. Letting Carpenter off the hook is the only thing that I can think of that Huberman has done since arriving at CPS (besides that other thing that I'm not supposed to talk about).

But maybe I'm missing something. What changes has Huberman implemented already that I (and others) might not know about, or what changes do you think are coming down the line?

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