The Chandler Resolution

This from the CTU:

Chicago Teachers Union and Chicagoans United for Education

Undertake Campaign to Urge Aldermanic Support

For Chandler Resolution

WHO:  Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and Chicagoans United for Education (CUE).


WHAT: CTU and CUE have undertaken a concerted effort to convince
Chicago aldermen to support a resolution put forth by Alderman Michael
Chandler (D-24th Ward) to place a moratorium on the closing of any
Chicago Public Schools facility. The campaign includes visits to
various aldermanic offices by lobbying volunteers.

WHEN: Beginning Monday,

May 15, 2006.

WHERE: Aldermanic Offices throughout the city of Chicago.


WHY: Both CTU and CUE support Alderman Chandlers resolution that
requires a thorough examination of the effectiveness of school closings
as a means of increasing performance. Without such a review, school
closings are an unproven experiment in assuring quality education for
all Chicago school children.            

Note: The CTU will assist any interested media in an effort to
setting up photo opportunities relating to visits to aldermanic

# # #
The Chicago Teachers Union represents 36,000 teachers and educational
support personnel working in the Chicago Public Schools. CTU, an
affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and the Illinois
Federation of Teachers, is the third largest union in the country and
the largest local union in Illinois.

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