The Case For Disbanding Magnet Schools

I'm late in pointing your attention to Victor Harbison's blog post against magnet schools, which is now running in the New York Times:

"When educational leaders decided to create magnet schools, they

didn’t just get it wrong, they got it backwards..."What should have been done was to pull out the bottom ten percent. Educational

leaders could have greatly expanded the alternative school model and

sent struggling students to a place that had been designed to meet

their educational needs.

"Now, hundreds of millions of dollars later, we

are no closer to meeting the needs of the struggling student, but the

system has created collateral damage, namely the great middle, who are

forced everyday to go to class in a school that is more unchallenging,

unwelcoming and dangerous than it has to be."

What do you think? Should there be "bottom ten" schools instead of magnets? It's politically problematic -- parents and many educators would scream bloody murder -- but I'm not so sure it doesn't make sense on substance.

Click here to read the whole post (Magnet Schools: More Harm Than Good?).

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