The Big Education Bailout


hard not to watch this current round of convulsions surrounding the

bailout of the financial sector without worrying -- and without

wondering whether there are any useful equivalents in the education


Obviously there's nothing that's quite as critical going on at this

very moment. But the issues being discussed -- accountability,

government regulation, individual vs. group benefit -- are many of the

them the same. And you could argue that, year after year, the

government (in all its forms) "bails out" low- or non-performing

educational institutions by continuing to fund them. No, it's nothing

like the $700B that's proposed for the current financial bailout. But

if education is a $500B a year industry as is said, then it's not

nothing, either.

Let's bail out the kids and their parents, not the schools and

institutions who are clamoring for more money. Let's focus on making

taxpayers whole and getting a decent return on the government

investment. Let's not reward those who have mis-spent millions in

public funds already, or credulously accept their assurances that they

will change moving forward.

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