The Best Of The Week (May 14-21)

Slain_students_mapBanchero Student Death Story Makes National News
Stephanie Banchero's Tribune story about student deaths made the national news on NPR.

CPS Hates NCLB Tutoring
Hmmm. A big-city district (Chicago) examines a provision in NCLB that
it has long detested (SES tutoring) and finds that 30-60 hours of
tutoring per year (six to 12 days of school) has a minimal benefit (but
won't release the study). Big surprise.

New Schools Get Construction Priority, Says Catalyst
A Catalyst analysis confirms what critics of
Renaissance 2010 suspect: New schools are ahead of others for capital

More Charters For CPS?
So much for no new charters, I guess.  Catalyst has a new web extra up
outlining a downstate deal in which CPS gets 15 more charters (up from
the current 30) in exchange for limits on the cloning of existing
charters which has been used lately to bypass the cap.

Question Of The Week: The CTU Election
Now we know who won.  What does it mean, though?

The Dangerous Book For Boys
"The Dangerous Book for Boys" purports to aim itself at a particularly
inscrutable and un-book-friendly audience: boys around the age of 10.

Love Me Tenure
The LA Times' opinion page gets the headline of the week award for this headline about the pros and cons of teacher tenure.

Showdown At The Curie Corral
The saga at Curie continued on Saturday, when a regular meeting of the LSC took place. 

Local Anti-Bullying Video
ThinkLab turned me on to this student video about bullying that is
pretty simple and powerful, though I don't particularly care for the

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