Thankful For Will Okun

I'm way behind in my Will Okun posts. In the New York Times, this young Chicago teacher had written two recent posts -- one about Thanksgiving and the other about school uniforms. The Thanksgiving post (here) lists the things his students are thankful for (including such notables as "My mother has found a man who treats her well," and "Making so much money [during Thanksgiving] playing pokeno with my cousins," and "That I am 18 and do not have any kids.") So far, it has 35 comments. The other, from last week, is about school uniforms (here), which Okun thinks are a simplistic, unfair, and ineffective remedy for complex social problems. So far, 27 comments.

I like Okun best when he's writing about direct experiences in the classroom with his kids. That's where he's giving me something I can't get anywhere else. And the pics (see here) can be great.

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