TFA Chicago Brings In National Teacher of the Year

TFA Chicago and the folks at Boeing were kind enough to bring in Jason Kamras, the National Teacher of the Year, for a lunchtime talk.  (He's a TFA alum.)

It was interesting to hear him talk about his experience, and to ponder a little bit the current state of TFA in Chicago. 

Kamras says he's now on a "Miss America"-like tour of schools and organizations following winning the recognition earlier this school year.  (See attahed bio.) 

He's got lots of sensible-sounding things to say about how he helped improve math instruction at his middle school in DC, and some relatively vague things to say about creating a national movement to improve instruction in this country.  But who isn't vague when it comes to that kind of stuff.

For anyone who's interested, here's his application (Download kamras_application.pdf

), a one-pager about TFA in Chicago (Download OnePage1.pdf) and -- my favorite -- a map of where TFAers are located in schools this year.  They're everywhere. 2005_2006_placement_map_bw_final0001


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