They're old, they're expensive, and they're going to private schools.

Aging textbooks fail Illinois kids 
Across Illinois, students are
resorting to duct tape and rubber bands to hold together decrepit
textbooks. Other books are so woefully out-of-date they don't teach
fundamentals such as the fall of Soviet communism, a three-month
Tribune investigation has found.

Textbook sticker shock
Illinois collects more textbook
revenue from parents than any other state, about $74 million in
2002-03, according to the most recent federal data. Twenty-eight states
collect no textbook fees.

Private schools book state cash

Illinois spends taxpayer dollars on
textbooks for children in religious and other private schools, even as
public schools struggle to buy books for their students, state records

FWIW:  Steve Rhodes gives the Sunday story an "A-"

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