Test Score OverKill

Nearly everyone goes overboard with annual test score coverage, as usual (click below for most if not all of them).  Whose coverage did you find the most useful?


Elementary schools garner  high marks, others fall short CDH
Carpentersville to Huntley, elementary schools exceeded state standards
this year while high schools and, to a lesser extent, middle schools
struggled to keep up.


Achievement Gaps:

School report cards: Chicago students' achievement gap CST
Over the last five years, minority and low-income public high school
students have fallen even farther behind their white and more affluent
classmates on state tests and the ACT, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has

Left behind CST
Between 2003 and 2007, white students' reading scores went up while
black, Hispanic and low-income students' scores went down. Black
students' math scores also dropped.

Different Angles:

Girls outpace boys on tests Tribune
Girls in Illinois grade schools outperformed boys on every state
achievement exam last school year, according to a Tribune analysis, a
twist in performance that has perplexed state officials and educators
across the state.

State writing exam pass rate plummets Tribune
Only half of Illinois 5th graders passed the state writing exam last
school year, a precipitous fall of nearly 20 percentage points in just
three years, according to data released Wednesday.

Specific Efforts:

Before-and-after help yields results CST
Like other public elementary schools statewide that have seen big
five-year jumps in test scores, Willard has found it’s not just what
happens during class that counts. What occurs before and after the
school bell rings — touches as small as Marcello’s closing-bell routine
— is important, too.

Students' achievement gap
Chicago Sun Times
Hyde Park Academy, a neighborhood high school serving black, mostly
low-income students, reading scores have dropped dramatically over the
last five years.

Two schools make plans to address 'achievement gap' CDH
area high schools are trying a new approach to bolster test scores for
struggling black and Hispanic students by offering them additional
assistance programs aimed almost entirely at minorities.

Success story: Raymond Ellis Elementary School CDH
six straight years on school improvement status, the school made its
improvement goals for the second consecutive year and removed itself
from the danger list.

2 high schools fall behind for first time since 2003 CDH
Charles East and Geneva high schools can empathize with each other
after falling short of federal education standards for the first time
in years.

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