Ten Things I'd Like To Know...

In no particular order:

1 -- Who's replacing Hosanna at New Schools, or who's in the running?
2 -- How that new Chief of Staff is doing?
3 -- How many AIO spots are open, and who's on the list to get the jobs?  Ditto for principal spots.
4 -- What's happening to LLTs next year, and what's happening with the Reading Initiative?
5 -- How many probationary teachers got clicked and are looking for work?
6 -- How many teachers are leaving their current schools and looking elsewhere? (Are you staying?)
7 -- How many tuition-based PK programs are going to turn into PK For All next year, and where?
8 -- What the SAT10 scores looked like, and how many kids got summer schooled or waivered this year?
9 -- Whether the list of kids who lottery into schools is public and can get matched to who enrolls in the fall?
10 -- Whether the residency change, LSC reform, or additional funding are going to happen during overtime in Springfield, and who to blame if they don't?

If you know something, let us know.  Let's see how long it takes to cross off all the questions. Or, if you've got questions of your own, post them and we'll see what we can do. 

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