Team Duncan Shaping Up [updated]

Team Duncan and the Obama transition team likely made headway last week figuring out how to fill the various slots in the USDE, including a handful of Chicago folks and a lot of DC and national figures. Usually, the secretary designate gets to choose his or her personal office (chief of staff, special assistants one and two) plus a few other spots. But unless it's been negotiated beforehand (as with Clinton, most likely), the transition team gets to make most of the big decisions for big jobs like assistant secretary, deputy secretary, etc. Folks like Schnur, LDH, and the like will get those jobs, if all goes to form.

So what does that mean for Chicago types who want to go to DC? Duncan seems likely to want to take a few trusted folks -- Ann Whalen, David Pickens, Peter Cunningham, Greg Darnieder? Others like the Consortium's John Easton and high school curriculum guy Mike Lach could stay or go, depending on a bunch of things. For continuity and other purposes, BEW might want Lach to stay as some sort of deputy. Easton might want a big job like head of IES (the main USDE research arm) that the transition wants to give to someone else.

Anyone else packing their bags or looking for real estate in DC? Let us know. I'm just making educated guesses here.

UPDATE: Cunningham and Yale we already know about. Former BPI education person Cindy Moelis is also rumored to be going, as is Ann Whalen. Anyone else?

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