Teachers Union Tidbits

As some of you know, there's a great little Internet site that is even more obsessive and focused than this one.  It covers a topic near and dear to all our hearts:  teachers unions. And no, it's not CTUnet.

I've linked to the site in the past when it reports about CTU or IEA, such as More Conflicts Inside the Chicago Teachers Union, or Illinois Education Association Trying to Keep Retired Members.

Today, the site points out that all of the hulaballoo being made in Philadelphia and nationally about teachers being fired in Philly is pretty much hokum"Today's Philadelphia Inquirer reveals that the city's school district dismissed eight teachers for poor job performance this year, quadrupling last year's total of two.  EIA salutes you, Philadelphia, for raising your dismissal rate from 0.018% to a strict and demanding 0.071%!"

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