Teacher Objects To Harper Interview Process

A teacher looking for work in CPS wrote the following letter after a bad experience interviewing [or at least being considered] at Harper that included being given an article called "Developing

Anti-Racist School Leaders" that I can't download but was extremely offensive to this teacher. That, plus her difficulty getting a job in CPS without knowing anyone on the inside.

Read, reflect, and help me understand what is going on here if you can.

Is it hard to get a job in CPS if you don't know folks in the system? What is the usual interview process like, and is it fair and reasonable? How much discussion of racial or cultural differences is involved, usually?

UPDATE: Here's the document in question: Developing

Anti-Racist School Leaders PDF

[anyone know where the Harper folks got this from?]

To Whom it May Concern:

Maybe this is why the education system is going to hell. I have taught for 4 years and consider myself a highly qualified, dedicated, good teacher. My formal and informal administrative and classroom evaluations have always been exemplary. I am 26 years old and am making over 50k a year at a private school. I would say my work, my talent, and my character are valued. For

personal reasons, I am exploring options in more stable schools, yet

would not mind continuing to teach within the school I am at. Yet as I have begun the interview process, I can’t seem to get a job in a different school in Chicago . It seems like the hiring process is completely screwed up. People have always told me that you have to “know”

someone in order to get a job in CPS. While I have pressed on and not accepted that and continued to put my resume out, I have gotten a few call backs for interviews.


for the most part interviewing has been a pleasant process, nothing was

more disturbing to me than reading the attached essay that I was asked

to discuss with a group of teacher candidates at an interview next

Tuesday. I was so discouraged that Chicago ’s school system is back to this. I mean really, aren’t we supposed to be over racism? And

if white supremacy sentiments have been resolved and I think for the

most part they have diminished greatly in society, with the exceptions

of a few morons that have nothing better to do but hate, why do we keep

going back to this issue? As if that weren’t enough, I think the bigger issue is sentiments of black supremacy!

The late George Carlin said it best; “society is going to hell.” Don’t

get me wrong, I am a strong enough and smart enough person to realize

that some people just don’t quite have it all together in their heads,

and I feel bad for them. Mostly because they are

surrounded by cultures of hating whites or hating blacks, and raised by

their parents being told to hate whites or to hate blacks. I

truly do feel bad for people that hate for the sake of hating because

they do miss out on getting to know the beauty of the true individual. The following dissertation was one of the most hateful and disgusting things I have ever read. Moreover, it was groundless. I mean if you are going to write something this offensive, at least ground you argument in

facts. FACTS=TRUTH STATEMENTS. Learn how to effectively argue!

How did these two women graduate from a master’s program? What program did they graduate from? Was it accredited?


is even more disgusting is that a Chicago Public School administrative

team chose to use this article for a discussion topic at a group

interview. I mean come on! Your motive is so transparent. You want to create a culture of black supremacy? So all whites hate blacks?! Are you kidding? At least address the issue on both sides. And by the way, IM WHITE AND DON’T HATE BLACKS! So your attempt at your argument just kind of fell apart.

My last name happens to start with the letter K and I happen to be of European decent. No I am not sorry for that. My ancestors survived a holocaust, a world war, and poverty for generations and worked hard so that I could come into being. They neither spoke sentiments of hating other races, cultures, and creeds nor taught me to hate. I am proud of my heritage and of my family who taught me to love my neighbor as myself regardless of their color. And as a teacher, I carry that into my classroom everyday, ironically within a classroom of all black students.


in response to racism, I have endured being called Ms. KKK for the past

four years by an administrator in my district, have evaluated

classrooms where African American teachers have literally told their

students to distrust all white people, sensed hate from members of my

department due to my success at a young age, and listened to co-workers

make anti-white jokes on a daily basis. While

I am not a sensitive person when it comes to joking that is appropriate

in nature, I know when people are kidding and when they are serious. But I am #@%$-ing sick of this and I have officially been motivated to find employment within another district.

This is exactly why Chicago Public Schools are failing. And

guess what Chicago Turnaround Schools, save yourself the effort of even

coming to work if you are going to spread the same racist crap that has

been being spread for years. You are just turning the tables around and pointing the blame at a different race. Maybe that is what “Turnaround Schools” means. What

sensible administrators and superintendents should be doing is

addressing the issues with ethical improvement strategies instead of

complaining about issues and hating people.

And guess

what Michelle Young and Julie Laible, (authors of “Developing

Ant-Racist School Leaders.” in order to pass a type 75 program you have

to complete an ethics course at any respectable university. I know because I

have taken it. I am shocked that Arne Duncan would approve of hiring administrators that are spreading this crap. But then again, it just goes to show how messed up CPS really is.


will never submit to an administration of black supremacists or white

supremacists and I hope that others don’t in this time of economic

struggle simply to have a job.

I would rather work at a

fast food restaurant with my master’s degree in education than work

within such an immoral school system.

Good luck CPS, you just lost another great teacher to your b.s..

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