Talking Out Of The Other Side Of My Mouth

Here are some recent posts from the other blog that might interest you, directly or indirectly:


Business Reporter Gets Nieman To Study Truancy

The journalists who won the prestigious Nieman this spring -- good for a year of study at Harvard -- include David Jackson of the Chicago Tribune, who's planning to study how truancy affects dropout rates.

The Likeable Secretary Spellings Snookers The Press Again

Even in defeat, the ever-likeable EdSec Spellings still manages to charm reporters and get good press written about her.

No Clear Angle On School Reform

One thing seems clear. No one's sure what angle to take on mobilizing the public for school reform.

Will Clinton Education Folks Make It To Denver?

Senator Clinton's official withdrawal from the race means that her

education folks -- formal and informal -- have to figure out what to do


Favorite Blog Images From 05-07

If you're feeling nostalgic or curious, you can check out about 20 images from way back then, which I've just put up on my new Facebook page. 'Member this one?

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