Taking Stock Of CTDN's "New" Education Coverage

Maybe I'm being too picky, or just being competitive. Times are tight, after all, and beggars can't be choosers. But I'm not being super-impressed by the Chi-Town Daily News' newly revamped K12 education coverage, though CTDN itself is a bit of a foundation and new media darling that has received lots of recognition and grant funding to do its thing.

This story about New Leaders (CPS training program earns national recognition) didn't offer much, for example. How have NL candidates fared when it comes to getting jobs and helping schools, I want to know.

A couple of you have already complained about this story (School options lacking for children on south, west sides), which also seems like it was driven by a press release rather than any independent sense of what's going on.

It's not that I want stories with a particular angle or conclusion -- that's not news. But I do want some depth and context to go along with frequency. Here are some other stories over the past couple of weeks -- what do you guys think?

Volunteers put fresh face on old school [Jackson]

Charter school teachers, administrators grapple over union

CPS, union face off over retirement plans

Cops: Effort to curb Sullivan High School violence a success*

*Written by Emma Jackson, not Adrian Uribarri, the new education reporter.

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