"Survey Says..."

Thanks to a kind reader we have some more information about the surveys that have apparently been flying around. Some of these are annual surveys that have been administered in the past. Others seem to be new ones.

Read below to see what the surveys are supposed to be about and see what the reader's experience has been. Are they asking too much? Are they asking the wrong way? How come they don't already know this stuff?

UPDATE: The principals' survey is apparently not password protected, so at the suggestion

of a reader I've taken down the link for now.

From a reader: "The principals' survey from the Huberman team, asks principals to

comment on programs that work and programs that do not. So you take

the time to do this, and there is a word limit on the comments

section. You cannot send it in unless you reduce your comments."

[NB I've taken it down but the survey is not password protected; anyone can take it whether they are a principal or not.]

From the Huberman letter (PDF) "CPS spends more than $1 billion dollars each year on over 200 centrally

budgeted, system‐wide operations and academic programs for our schools....(1)

How effective are these services, and; (2) are the programs being

provided where they are most needed?"

From a reader: "The student one--My Voice My School--it was way too long for our

students this year. They started to give up working on it and taking

it seriously half way through. Then, the ELL students who speak and

read English had trouble with it. Also, I am surprised that CPS

allowed the Consortium to ask such personal questions about the

students' parents WITHOUT parent permission. I noticed this because

about 10 students asked, once they were into completing the survey, if

their parents were going to see their answers. Well, I looked at the

questions and they were personal about their parents. Students were

uncomfortable. Then it is not the same survey basically from student

to student, so some students who needed it read to them, HAD it read to

them with the wrong part of the survey--further goofing the data--and

CPS holds this data against the schools."

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