Sun Times Editorial Echoes On Meeks

Today's CST editorial sounds just like what I (and several commenters)
posted earlier this week about where Meeks hits and misses the mark. 

According to the Sun Times, "It's too bad, however, that he
undermined his complaint by making faulty comparisons and unhelpful accusations
against Mayor Daley and others who are genuinely trying to fix things (Schools
concerns are legit, but Meeks' gibes are not

According to my post from earlier this week, "Tearing down the Daley record on schools is separate from
addressing the inequitable distribution of qualified teachers within
CPS.  Sure, it's important to point out what has and hasn't been done
under Daley, but that "glass-empty-full" debate can quickly distract
from what no one disagrees about
, which is the reduced chances of the
the poorest and most struggling schools to get qualified teachers."

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