Summertime PD Roundup

Hyde Park Academy's John Kugler kindly put together this roundup of summer PD opportunities.  If there's anything else teacher-types might want to know about, feel free to chime in.  From John:

Summer is on its way and


teachers have plenty to keep them busy. Not only is summer for vacations and summer school assignments, but there are plenty of opportunities for professional development available directly through CPS.... (click below to read more)

After reviewing the planning

and State mandates for individual professional development plans,
teachers should use this area to identify opportunities that match
their goals. CPS offers many professional development programs covering
topics listed in View by
. These programs provide a coherent approach to improving teaching and
learning skills; they also can be part of a recertification
plan. P.H.D. and NTL are available for teachers interested in
National Board Certification. The Lane
Credit Catalog
is a fertile source to support these and other areas of
professional growth and development.

Math and Science Initiative (CMSI):
The goal is to assure that high-quality, standards-based mathematics
and science instruction is available to every student in every CPS
school. Contact Information: (773) 553-6230 -

Initiative (CRI):
The Chicago Reading Initiative provides a comprehensive professional
development support structure for selected schools. Other professional
development offerings include the Summer Reading Institute which is
open to all classroom teachers.  Contact Information: (773) 553-3500

School Teams Achieving Results for Students (S.T.A.R.S.):
The S.T.A.R.S. program grew from an Office of Professional Development
(OPD) vision to provide a uniform framework for CPS professional
development. S.T.A.R.S. leadership teams, made up of a school principal
and 3 or 4 teachers, build the instructional capacity of schools by
providing on site professional development grounded in the nine OPD
professional development principles. For more details..

and Urban Network for
LAUNCH is designed to enhance the quality of principal candidates by
recruiting, identifying, preparing, and supporting promising
individuals who aspire to serve as principals in the Chicago Public
Schools.  Contact Information:

World Languages Unit:
A key initiative of the Chicago Public Schools is to provide
opportunities for all students to acquire proficiency in a language in
addition to English as well as an understanding and appreciation of
different cultures. The World Language Unit is responsible for creating
curriculum, educational programs and teacher professional development
workshops to enrich the world language experience for students and
teachers.  Contact Information: (773) 553-1974or

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