Summer School Retention Revisited

Today's New York Times has a story about the continued use of summer school and student retention (Holding Back Young Students: Is Program a Gift or a Stigma?) that mentions Chicago's program:

With the increasing emphasis on standardized testing over the past

decade, large urban school systems have famously declared an end to

so-called social promotion among youngsters lacking basic skills. Last

year, New York flunked 6 percent of its first graders, and Chicago 7.7


It's been a while since we've discussed retention. As a teacher or a parent or a taxpayer, re you for it or against it? Is the process or the program quality any better or worse than it used to be? Is the challenge for individual students who get held back worth the potential benefit to the entire system of having some accountability? Is it true that teachers, more than anyone else, favor retention?

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