Succession Slip-Up At Suder

The transition from old to new LSCs and old to new leadership is now taking place, and in some places at least it's not going particularly smoothly.

From a parent: "I am a Suder Montessori parent. Since our LSC will start this fall we had no say as to who are principal will be. Can you guys find out who will be running Suder Montessori come 2008-09 school year? As

planned Dr. Hammond-Watts the principal has officially left the

building on June 30th. The Assistant principal Jodi Pinkerton, whom we

thought would be the next principal was surprisingly not selected to be

the new principal."

I didn't see Suder Montessori on the list of LSCs with an election issue (see previous post here). The last mention of Suder I can find is this one from February (here), which says that there were 500 applications for 28 seats at the school.

Anyone know what's going on there?

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