Students Exhibit Skills At Young Womens Leadership Charter

From the Coalition of Essential Schools:

"While students around the country sit down to bubble in tests this

month, students at Young Women’s Leadership Charter School in Chicago

will be standing up to demonstrate their learning in dissertation-style

presentations. They do so along with students in over 100 schools as a

part of National Exhibition Month. During National Exhibition Month

students will publicly present their learning in demonstrations of

mastery called exhibitions that not only better measure, but also

dramatically improve student achievement and 21st c. skill development.

We know that what gets measured is what gets taught. Standardized tests

evaluate rote memorization and regurgitation. Exhibitions evaluate

student ability to synthesize information, think critically, and

present publicly-- thus we can have confidence that those skills will

be taught.

Why look at performance assessments now? Well firstly, they work.

Research has shown that students in schools that teach to exhibitions

have higher retention, graduation and college entry rates than students

in comparable schools who are evaluated solely by high stakes

standardized tests. Secondly as the Democratic candidates join the

chorus of NCLB criticism, it is an excellent time to move past rhetoric

and help educators, policy makers and the general public understand

real working examples of alternatives to the current broken system.

The Exhibition at

Young Women’s Leadership Charter School will take place on May

14th. Here is the school website: It is a science exhibition structured around environmental science and hands on research of the river."

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