Student Death Prompted Eisendrath Departure

This may be old news to everyone one but me, but I didn't know until I read this article that Edwin Eisendrath, the former classroom teacher and alderman who once ran against Governor Rod, quit teaching because of a violent incident at his school:

He left teaching when a 12-year-old boy was stabbed after school. “I ran over there,” he said morosely. “There was

plenty of blood. I looked carefully. There was a hole. I asked somebody

else to run in [and] grab blankets, tear down curtains, whatever it

would take to keep [him] from shock until the ambulance arrived.”

The ambulance didn’t arrive in time and the boy died in Eisendrath’s arms. The school system handled it poorly, he said. The

school panicked and handed the case over to lawyers because, Eisendrath

said, they were concerned about litigation. There were problems that

existed outside of the classroom.

“I knew that we couldn’t fix the schools from the

inside,” Eisendrath said. He taught for a little more than a year

before he left.

Anyone know what school this was, or anything else about Eisendrath's stint as a teacher?

Link: From boy alderman to ahead-of-his-time Blagojevich foe, Eisendrath reflects on public life

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