Stuck With "Merit Pay"

Three slightly different takes on the new "merit pay" plan, for all you diehards

10 schools will offer teachers merit pay Tribune
The teacher-incentive and training program, called Recognizing Excellence
in Academic Leadership, will be expanded to a total of 40 city schools over
the next four years. Each school will get about $500,000 to $750,000 a year
based on its size, and yearly performance bonuses will range from $1,000 to as
much as $8,000.

Merit_pay_cpsChicago Public Schools: Incentives offered Sun Times
Chicago school officials named 10 schools where
teachers next year can earn up to $9,000 in performance bonuses, and
master teachers can earn an extra $15,000. Over the next four years, up
to 40 low-income schools with high teacher turnover will join the
teacher-incentive and teacher training program. See full list below.

Chicago Schools Try Merit Pay WBEZ

High-achieving teachers in ten Chicago public schools could get cash bonuses next year. They’re
the first to take part in a groundbreaking plan to give teachers more
training--and incentive pay--if their kids show improvement from year
to year.

These will be the first 10 schools to experiment with merit pay for
teachers in Chicago:


Cameron Elementary, 1234 N. Monticello Ave.

Gresham Elementary, 8524 S. Green St.

Lawndale Community Academy, 3500 W. Douglas Blvd.

LEARN Charter School, 1132 S. Homan St.

McCorkle Elementary, 4421 S. State St.

Multicultural Arts High School, 3120 S. Kostner Ave.

Sumner Academy, 4320 W. Fifth Ave.

Telpochcalli Elementary, 2832 W. 24th Blvd.

Wells Preparatory School, 244 E. Pershing Rd.

Westcott Elementary, 409 W. 80th St.

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