Stealth Ren-10 Hearing Schedule [Update]

2nd UPDATE: Here's the list of 20 schools that Duncan is recommending for approval (including two that were -- only in Chicago -- approved already in September). Fifteen of the 20 are high schools, 14 were submitted by CPS teachers or existing schools, according to the Board. AUSL, Victory, and Chicago RISE would do turnarounds. What do you think?

UPDATE: Usually, new Ren10 proposals get announced before the hearings take

place. This year, several of the hearings happened before anyone said

officially what schools were being recommended. Well, Arne Duncan is

finally going to be at CICS Ralph Ellison on West 80th this morning to

announce the latest round of new school proposals for the Board to vote

on October 22 -- including, I'm told, the Pride campus at Social


Again thanks to a reader comment, here's the schedule for "proposed" 2009 Ren-10 schools coming up of the next few days (Sat-Wednesday). No announcement from CPS. Nothing in the papers. Amazing.

Remember that you have to register ahead of time if you want to talk, and -- interesting -- there's no discussion after the last speaker has spoken:

"Registration to speak will be from 9:30am-10:30am for all hearings starting at 10:00am. Registration to speak will be from 5:30pm-6:30pm for all hearings starting at 6:00pm. All public hearings will conclude after the last person who has registered to speak has spoken." Italics are mine. In case there's any doubt.

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